Plate Heaters

- These heaters are manufactured by wrapping 1100 ºC nickel-chrome wire over 800 ºC high grade mica and then coated by stainless steel, brass sheet, or cupper sheet.

- Connections can be made with cable output, screwed, static terminals, or with plugs.

- For plastics injection and mould heating purposes plate heaters can be manufactured to give up to 3,5 watt per cm² anda re manufactured in special dimensions and values according to customer’s order.
Technical Specifications:
1-Resistance wire (80/20, 60/15)
2-800 º C high purity mica
3-outer sheath (stainless sheet)
4-energy input
Note: Plate heat energy in the desired connections (plug, klemensli, screw, cable) is produced.
Heaters are the most desired, length, volts and watts are produced as.
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