Tubular heaters

 - Tubular heaters are manufactured with cr-ni and copper tube according to their using places (water,acid,oil,dry,air,mould heatings etc.) Our cr-ni tubes are manufactured from 304,316,321,309,310 quality tubes according to their operation degrees and using places. They are manufactured by winding from 80/20, 30/20 nickel chromium wire according to the working environment and by filling with MgO fill in the purity of 700 ºC – 1100 ºC and by compressing in the automatic machines.

- Our heaters are tested by subjecting to 2500 volts dropping test.

- Tubular heaters are manufactured with sleeve, fitting, flange, coil, as aluminum coated in desired form as plain and corrugated, in the size and strength, which is determined according to their operation field and place.

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